SUV Slammed into Security Gate at FBI’s Atlanta Field Office

FBI’s Atlanta Field Office. Photo: FBI

By Steve Neavling

A man was arrested after slamming his car into a security gate at the FBI’s Atlanta Field Office on Monday afternoon. 

Video from the scene shows a red SUV wedged against a retractable barrier outside the office. 

The crash occurred shortly after noon, the Independent reports

“The suspect was taken into custody by Dekalb Police,” the spokesperson said. “There are no injuries and agents are checking the car as a precaution. We don’t have any further information at this time.”

A bomb squad reportedly examined the vehicle and affirmed there were no explosives. 

The suspect wasn’t identified, and his motive was unclear. But the bureau said the man was not connected to the bureau. 

The SUV was eventually towed from the scene. 

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