Letter to the Editor: Crisis at the FBI

This letter was sent to a number of news outlets.

Ellen Glasser
By Ellen Glasser
President, Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI

As individuals, we regularly examine our priorities to make decisions as we manage our checkbooks. As citizens, we expect our elected leaders to do the same with our government checkbook. The effects of sequestration are dramatic and far reaching across all sectors of government. Some are inconsequential, some are cause for concern, and a few are downright dangerous. The drastic budgetary cuts that face the FBI pose a clear and present danger to national security and to the citizens of the United States. If these cuts remain in place it will not be a question of if, but rather when disaster will occur.

Since September 11, 2001, the FBI has been at the forefront of protecting us from terrorist attacks including the interdiction of plots to bomb the New York Federal Reserve Bank; a Portland, Oregon public park; a Cleveland, Ohio bridge; a Bronx, New York, Jewish Community Center; the U.S. Capitol building; the Chicago Sears Tower; the Ft. Dix, New Jersey, military base; jet fuel tanks at New York’s Kennedy airport and scores of other critical targets. At the same time, the FBI has continued to address its other responsibilities including detecting espionage; investigating public corruption; protecting us from cyber-attacks; addressing civil-rights violations; and investigating major criminal matters.

FBI Director James B. Comey recently assumed office with the promise of a continued, vigorous commitment to the bureau’s responsibilities. But how can he fulfill that promise with one hand tied behind his back? Sequestration has cut $700 million from the FBI budget necessitating the furlough of 36,000 employees; reducing the FBI’s workforce by 3,500; imposing a hiring freeze until at least 2015; cancelling inter-agency, law enforcement training; eliminating on-board employee training; and imposing countless other restrictions which impede and degrade the FBI’s ability to address its responsibilities.

Although the general public may not yet fully appreciate the danger it faces from FBI budget cuts, law enforcement professionals do. Police leaders attending a recent International Chiefs of Police Conference emphatically deplored the budgetary problems confronting the FBI as, “A body blow to law enforcement.”

Do something for your country and those you care about. Now is the time to tell your elected representatives to reexamine their priorities and restore funding to the FBI. Tell them we are not content to wait until the next disaster occurs.



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  1. LOL .Attorney Barr McClellan just sent me his 470 page manuscript VERDICT which will hit the stores next month as a published book. This is the second book in a series detailing his insider knowledge about how Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Texas Oil and the FBI assassinated President Kennedy. The 50 th Anniversary is coming up in three weeks. McLellan’s earlier book BLOOD MONEY detailed how the money to pay for the hit on JFK was funneled through the Austin Texas Clark Law firm where he worked .You might remember Barr’s son Scott McClellan who was George W Bush’s Press Secretary who quit his job in disgust. I wonder if Retired very special agent Glasser knows FBI agent Suzzane Doucette who filed sexual assault charges against her FBI supervisors in Phoenix? We brought Suzzane to speak at our 5th Annual Conference Investigating Crimes Committed by FBI agents held at Bowdoin College during the mid 1990’s. FBI agent Doucette told the college audience male FBI agents in her office would put surveillance cameras under the desks of female FBI
    agents and make bets as to whether they could determine the color of their underwear. Brad Doucette, husband of Suzanne, would later commit suicide. see http://www.sianews.com/modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=2417

    In other news see link for full story

    October 31, 2013
    FBI whistleblower skewers former Warren Commission member on JFK assassination by M. Wesley Swearingen, Retired FBI

    I just received this press release from my good friend, M. Wesley Swearingen (retired FBI & then lead investigator of the Kennedy Assassination), and he’s authorized me to publish it far and wide. Wes is a leading expert on the JFK assassination and is the author of several best selling books, including “To Kill a President” and “FBI Secrets.” Wes has continued his research and continues to uncover and share groundbreaking revelations that further expose the true events, players, and motives surrounding the Kennedy Assassination and subsquent coverup. Everything below this line is a direct cut and paste of Wes’ press release. – Bryan “Cajun Against The Machine” Lambert

    Richard M. Mosk, a former member of the staff of the Warren Commission, is now a justice on the California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles. Richard is the son of the late Stanley Mosk, who was California’s attorney general when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

    Stanley became a California Court of Appeal justice and was there when Los Angeles Black Panther Party member Geronimo Pratt was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1972. Stanley remained there during the entire 25 years of Pratt’s imprisonment.

    Chief Justice Earl Warren hired Richard, then 24, to work for the commission.

    In a Los Angeles Times article dated October 27, 2013, entitled “NOV.22, 1963: 50 years later, and still no conspiracy,” Richard writes that, “with a top-secret clearance I had full access to the work of the staff, and I never saw anything untoward.” Richard writes of the Warren Commission investigation, “It may still stand as the most extensive and thorough criminal investigation in history.”

    FBI whistleblower and author of two books on FBI wrongdoing, M. Wesley Swearingen, has personal knowledge of Pratt’s wrongful conviction and of Kennedy’s assassination. Swearingen was working Cuban Counterintelligence in Chicago when Fidel Castro captured Cuba in 1959.

    One of Swearingen’s Cuban sources told him in 1962, that the CIA was plotting to kill President Kennedy. Swearingen took copious notes on who was to be involved. One of the men involved turned out to be one of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s top Echelon informants in the Chicago Mafia, Richard Cain. Chicago’s top mob boss Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli were also named. When Swearingen reported this conspiracy to his superiors they were, in Swearingen’s opinion, in denial.

    Justice Richard Mosk implies that J. Edgar Hoover was telling the Warren Commission the truth while all the time Hoover was covering up the FBI’s mishandling of Lee Harvey Oswald as an informant and the fact that Richard Cain was present on the grassy knoll in Dallas, along with Johnny Roselli, who admitted to a high ranking mafia member that he, Roselli, actually shot at President Kennedy.

    In all of the Warren Commission notes there is not one word about Jack Ruby’s mafia connections in Chicago. There is no mention of the fact that Jimmy Hoffa’s body guard delivered three rifles to David Ferrie to be flown to Dallas just days before the Kennedy assassination. Richard Mosk does not mention that FBI agents of the FBI Laboratory knowingly falsified evidence so that Hoover could proclaim Oswald as the lone assassin. It was Swearingen’s knowledge that Hoover passed the word that he would fire any agent who spoke publicly of a conspiracy to kill JFK.

    With all due respect, it is Swearingen’s opinion that Warren Commission staff member, Richard Mosk, was grossly mislead by Hoover’s FBI, just as Swearingen believes his father, Stanley, was misled by Hoover’s FBI in the wrongful conviction of Geronimo Pratt in 1972.

    Anyone, including Justice Richard Mosk, who wants the truth behind Kennedy’s assassination should read TO KILL A PRESIDENT, which is available at Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle format.

    David Ferrie was found dead February, 1967, after being identified by Jim Garrison as a potential witness; Jimmy Hoffa murdered July, 1972; Richard Cain murdered December, 1973; Sam Giancana possibly murdered by an FBI informant June, 1975; Johnny Roselli murdered August, 1976.

    Another interesting read on Hoover’s wrongdoing is the book entitled FBI SECRETS, also available at Amazon.com in paperback.

    Anyone interested in Hoover’s FBI may wish to check out websites http://www.fbisecrets.com and http://www.oswalddidnotkilljfk.com .

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