N.Y. Mobster Complained About Not Getting Paid For Hit

Mobster Joseph “Joe Black” Young may have been a little too frank with an FBI informant. Jurors in Brooklyn are hearing just how frank he was.

John Marzulli
New York Daily News
BROOKLYN — A reputed hit man for the Bonanno crime family got stiffed on his paycheck for the gruesome gangland murder at creepy Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island, prosecutors said Thursday.
Joseph (Joe Black) Young was secretly taped bragging to an FBI informant about the quality of his handiwork in the rubout of mob associate Robert McKelvey, then complaining he didn’t get paid the promised $10,000.
The jury in Young’s racketeering and murder trial heard earlier how he allegedly drowned, dismembered and incinerated the victim.
Thursday, jurors in Brooklyn Federal Court listened to recordings of informant John (The Turk) Mergen seeking details.
“I am sick. I am disgustingly good,” Young gushed. “When I was done, powder was all that was left. You know like, like dust.”
“Burned to a crisp?” Mergen pressed.
“[Burned] to f—— ridiculous,” Young said.
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