One of DEA’s Most Wanted Fugitives Was Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds in Mexico 

Luis Javier Benítez Espinoza. Photo: DEA

By Steve Neavling

Just days after he was added to the DEA’s most wanted list, a fentanyl trafficker with ties to the sons of “El Chapo” Guzman was found dead this week outside of a public hospital near Sinaloa in Mexico. 

The death of Luis Javier Benítez Espinoza, known as “El Fourteen,” came after he crashed his SUV into the car of an unidentified 60-year-old man on Sept. 8 and then fired his handgun into the sky before kidnapping the driver, Vice reports, citing other news outlets. 

Two days after the crash, Benítez’s body was discovered with two gunshots to the head outside of a hospital. 

The fate of the other man involved in the crash is unknown. 

In April, the DEA and U.S. Department of State announced a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Benítez. 

Benítez was accused moving massive amounts of fentanyl for the Sinaloa Cartel from Mexico to the U.S. 

On April 4, a federal grand jury indicted Benítez and others on charges related to fentanyl trafficking and automatic weapons.

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