Secret Service Officer Sues Oklahoma Narcotics Agents for Drug Raid in 2008

By Allan Lengel

A U.S. Secret Service officer from Maryland is suing the an Oklahoma narcotics agent as a result of a 2008 raid at his home in a multi-state steroids probe, the Tulsa World reported.

Lester Blount Jr. of Prince Georges County, Md., whose job is to protect federal buildings and functions, is suing Brian Surber, an agent for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the paper reported.

Blount alleged that Surber was among the agents who used excessive force —  they held his family at gunpoint — during a raid at his home, the paper reported.  His children at the time were 1, 3 and 8.

Blount was put on a 22 month  administrative leave without pay before returning to work, the paper reported.

The lawsuit claims Surber used excessive force and made false statements in the search warrant affidavit, the paper reported.

“The search warrant was based on unverified allegations of steroid possession and distribution and the fact that Mr. Blount had a ‘muscular physique,’ ” the suit states, according to the paper.

“The charges, for which the unsupported search warrant was issued, were eventually dropped by Defendant because Mr. Blount is not, in fact, a drug user or dealer,” the lawsuit states.


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