Sheriff’s Office Warns of ‘Booty Patrol’ Vehicle in Florida 

“Booty Patrol” vehicle in Florida. Photo: Facebook

By Steve Neavling

At first glance, a truck driving around Florida looks like a Border Patrol vehicle. 

But a closer look shows it’s a “Booty Patrol” truck. 

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office is not amused and put out an announcement about the white Chevrolete Silverado Truck, which features similar green decals to a Border Patrol truck. In the announcement, the sheriff’s office said the truck is “equipped with red and blue lights that has been impersonating law enforcement” and people should not pull over for it. 

The door panel reads, “National Booty Behavior Protection,” with a logo that is similar to Homeland Security’s. 

The owner of the truck is 18-year-old Gabriel Luviano, who said he was pulled over by police, according to NBC2 News. He was cited for having blue and red lights, along with lights along his wheels. 

Florida law makes it a crime for most vehicles to have red and blue lights.  

Luviano said he was just trying to have fun and wasn’t intending to pull anyone over. 

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