Cornell University Student Arrested Over Threats Made to Jewish Community 

A view of Cornell University campus. (Ryan Young / Cornell University)

By Steve Neavling

A junior at Cornell University was arrested Tuesday on federal charges that allege he posted disturbing threats against Jewish students at the college, the Justice Department announced. 

Patrick Dai, 21, is accused of posting threatening messages to the Cornell section of an online discussion site. 

In one post, Jewish students were called “rats.”

“If you see a Jewish ‘person’ on campus follow them home and slit their throats,” one of the posts read. 

In the same post, Dai threatened to “bring an assault rifle to campus and shoot all you pig jews.” 

Another post read, “gonna shoot up 104 West,” an apparent reference to Cornell’s kosher and multicultural dining room. 

The arrests came on the same day that FBI Director Christopher Wray warned about the rising threats of domestic terrorism against Jewish Americans amid the war against Hamas in Israel.

“We assess that the actions of Hamas and its allies will serve as an inspiration the likes of which we haven’t seen since ISIS launched its so-called caliphate years ago,” Wray said in testimony at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, NBC News reports

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which includes the New York State Police, is investigating the threats at Cornell. 

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