Trump Supporter Charged with Repeatedly Threatening FBI Agent 

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By Steve Neavling

A Texas man caught up in far-right conspiracy theories has been charged with threatening an FBI special agent who had been involved in the federal investigation into Hunter Biden. 

It’s just the latest threat against the FBI after former President Trump was charged and convicted of multiple felonies. 

Timothy Muller, 43, of Fort Worth, faces up to 10 years in prison on charges of making interstate threats and influencing, impeding or retaliating against a federal official, ABC News reports

Muller is accused of repeatedly threatening an FBI agent based in Baltimore after a federal jury in Delaware found Biden guilty in a federal gun trial

In one voice mail, Muller allegedly told the agent, “You can run, but you can’t (expletive) hide.” 

According to authorities, Muller also claimed that if Trump won reelection, “we’re gonna (expletive) go through the FBI and just start throwing you (expletive)s into jail. Or, you can steal another election, and then the guns will come out, and we’ll hunt you (expletive)s down and slaughter you like the traitorous dogs you are in your own (expletive) homes.”

To be sure, Donald Trump and his allies have threatened to seek revenge against federal law enforcement for prosecuting the former president. 

Muller also allegedly sent several texts riddled with baseless conspiracy theories to the agent, including, “How’s the family? Safe?” and “Did you (expletive)s really think you were going to disenfranchise 75 million Americans and not die? Lol.”

The agent’s identity wasn’t disclosed. 

The FBI has become the target of an increasing number of threats. 

On Wednesday, a woman brandishing a gun at the bureau’s Seattle Field Office prompted an hours-long standoff. 

The incident is just the latest in an increasing number of threats against the FBI. In 2022, a man tried to breach the bureau’s Cincinnati Field Office with an AR-15 rifle and nail gun, prompting a standoff that ended in his death. In August, a 48-year-old Navy veteran rammed an SUV into a security gate at the bureau’s Atlanta Field Office.

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